Here we go finally! My website, about a CLOWN.

Don't expect big things, like hundreds of photos or videos, and don't think I'll be updating frequently or that you'll find me on facebook or on some blog...because I...I am a CLOWN, not a computer geek (actually, I still don't know what a blog is even though I'm thankful to Miki for trying hard).

So now I...BARABBA, in this imaginary space, I want to tell you something about me..are you ready?

East West North South, crossing Europe with an old jalopy, my truck, my former home (now that I'm a grown up I built another house, a wooden one, in the middle of a forest), performing shows, entertaining people, masses, folks...from Portugal to Belgrade, from Sicily to Holland...and then up to England, then back down to Spain trying not to stop in France for too long because I don't understand the French, but that's okay, because neither they understand me...

Find a square and take possession of it, my trunk in the center, this recalls the first spectators and curious glances...madness, laughter, amusement, tease and make fun of the audience, of myself, create a bubble of joy that rises to the sky...and then...slowly...everything is back to normal... after years I'm not sure yet if you're here for me... or am I here for you ...but that's all I have to offer you...and then the last greeting, the HAT.

From one place to another, until it's time to return home, on the west coast of Istria, in the woods, with friends and other crazy artists, to live the life of my grandfather, but with the dreams and hopes of the magic world of CIRCUS and STREET.