Technical requirements...

I've been on the road since now I've learned how to deal with things so I'm completely independent, both with sound and lights, battery powered.

If there is the possibility to get a couple of extra spotlights, great, because mine are not that powerful, but it's not essential.

The only 3 things I ask are:

First: a decent area where to perform (6x5m is the minimum space I use, but then we have to consider the audience) quite regular, where taxi, buses or tractors don't pass..(once the tractor had also the trailer for the hay..ha!)

Second: that there are no concerts or meetings with loud music in the surroundings, I do not expect absolute silence, but it's not easy to perform a show with the church choir and musicians of local music in the background..

Third: there is no third was just to make you think I'm a “complicated artist” with a lot of claims...but I adapt to any situation...and if you give me a hint where to park my van within 1km...that would be great...