Middle Age version of Barabba...

And here the section about the Middle Age version of Barabba…that means Barabba before Barabba

This is the part of my artistic life that’s more of the other appasionate me, because is still fulla of surprise and things to descover, a caracter still in evolution and with an enourmous potential.

Barabba before Barabba is a buffon ugly, dirty but not complitly bad, is moving berfoot pulling a wooden trailler true the street of the historical part’s of the citys, provoking first crazy looks, and then big lought. Barabba was alreadypunished enought from the life that now he can really do everything without fear of been punished again…he climb on roofs, he still icecram to grondmothers, make fear to the childrens (that always came back for more)…and than improvise a show spitting fire, wolking on glass, juggling torces, doing acrobacy, spiking an unknow lenguage….

I was so performing in Middleage fest and historical events, in street performing festivals, parade, carnevals ecc…i can be sure that Barabba in this version can really make a good show in every situation.

Take a look in the foto session for more…as soon i can i will also post a video.